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Patrons & Objective

UbuntuDDE Operating System is free of cost that doesn’t provoke direct income to itself. That’s why for the development of the project & to provide better product and services for all its users, You can donate and support the project.

We at UbuntuDDE team love and support open source, any fund raised will be beneficial for the project itself and for open source developers. We assure full transparency and focus to invest your funds for superior product and service. You can support us through Patreon. We are supported  financially via donations, sponsors and advertisements.

Support the project, Become a part of it .

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Valuable Patrons

Patrons’ NameAmount
Adam Cowles$10
Christopher Seesser
Gernot Premper$5
Jacob Owen$25
Refat Oemar$5
Wiley Thompson$5
Padman DkGr$5

Valuable Donors

Donor's NameAmount
David Dahan$20
Christophe Bergeret$10
Michael Young$20