UbuntuDDE Beta 200410 Release Note


Hello folks, Greetings!

First of all, I would like to thank each and every one who helped and supported UbuntuDDE Project. It was an outstanding week with our fellow users, developers, and well-wishers who are with us in #BetaTestingWeek and reported bugs through different available platforms and means of communication. So far, it has been an awesome roller coaster ride with everyone out there in the community checking new bugs, suggestions, complaints, and tons of love for the project.

Today, 2020/04/10, I would like to announce our new Beta release i.e. version 200410 which consists of major bug fixes. It includes but is not limited to “EFI installation cdrom error”, terminal, screenshot, calendar, system monitor, and a few minor fixes with the latest updates of packages from the upstream.

You can download the iso (image file) of the distribution in the Download Page.

Major BugFixes

  • EFI installation cdrom error fixed
  • Terminal added
  • ubuntudde-dde-extras metapackage added
  • Deepin Screenshot added
  • Deepin Calendar added
  • Deepin System Monitor added

Minor BugFixes

  • LibreOffice icon fixed
  • Wallpaper tweaked

Arun Kumar Pariyar,
Lead Developer,
UbuntuDDE Team

60 thoughts on “UbuntuDDE Beta 200410 Release Note”

  1. please add deepin terminal ,deepin music ,deepin movie , deepin image viewer , deepin deb installer,deepin screenchot

    thank you.

      1. That’s the whole point. Looks like Deepin with all the support and flexibility of Ubuntu. Let people use Linux how they want; that’s the whole point.

  2. Here’s a question for you. Does it come with a screensaver? If not, is there a clear and simple guide on how to install one? If not, why not? EVERY OS or desktop forum without a screensaver is plagued with questions pleading for help with installing xscreensaver. Let’s try and get this right from the beginning.

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  4. I’ts great to see that with ubuntu 20.04 dde gets it’s own Ubuntu flavour. I love dde but I hate deepin right now, because they where not be able to support scripting languages like php in their upstream repository for a long time now. So now dde is on a robust base with ubuntu 20.04 Hope the bugs from the leaeasy-ppa are fixed right now. But I’ll see it in just two minutes when I give it a shot.

    Well done folks.

    Thats really great news.

  5. Excelente me ha encantado solo que he notado qe eb las notificaciones en algunas no se ajusta correctamente el texto y no se muestra correctamente u completamente en ellas y es recortado en los bordes principalmente, todo lo demas excelente trabajo y esperando la version estable

  6. Hameed Musharaf

    Hey recently Deepin released V20 Beta with New User Interface. Since you already published beta with Old UI, there is any plan on switch to new UI before releasing Stable builds?

  7. Bingo UbuntuDDE.
    So that you know, (1) am an Ubuntu fan for eons, (2) liked Deepin OS very much but not able to install and gain stability on all my computers, (3) very encouraged that you’re trying to do it right.. so kudos, mate.
    For me, not for other users – though there may be hordes of others (like Venice whores who get very wet working both sides of the canal that runs between Linux and Windows) – I want bullet-proof (everything), and stability (able to migrate if providers get dumb or get selfish).
    So take this as ‘very well intentioned’.
    What you are trying to do is very much needed by me and other Venetian whores – but in the final analysis it also needs doing right – so we’ll be trying to help and giving you the most sincere benefit of doubt.

    The idea for a “just one thing” criteria – will be for you to make the DDE part behave like an app installation and be able to be 100% uninstallable by a simple mouse click – so I can support you – without having to switch out the underlying Ubuntu for every one of my three or four machines that are running it.

    Give it hell, mate.

    1. It sounds like what you want is to have Ubuntu as the base OS and then be able to apply things like DDE, Gnome, KDE, etc… on top of it. You can do just that, but it’s a bit harder than a “simple mouse click”.

      You can install a Desktop Environment (DE) on top of your existing base-layer Ubuntu. The issue is that there will likely be a lot of bugs you’ll run into because of the software incompatibilities that need to be worked out manually. That’s what the UbuntuDDE team is doing, but specifically for the Deepin Desktop Environment.

      I think your request is better asked to Canonical, the team that develops base Ubuntu. They would have to program something into Ubuntu to make it capable of changing DEs on the fly and then the teams working on DEs would have to alter them to fit the new DE-switching API.

  8. Máximo Andrés Álvarez Pacheco

    Con la salida de deepin 20 beta, como van a trabajar la integración del nuevo escritorio::??? Excelente trabajo

  9. Wanderley Humberto

    O nome do sistema deveria se chamar Dubuntu, assim como as outros sabores “Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu….” Ficaria mas bonito do que Ubuntudde.

  10. Wanderley Humberto

    The name of the system should be called (Dubuntu), as well as the other flavors “Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu….” It would look better than Ubuntudde.

  11. Well i may switch too ubuntu DDE 20.04 if its stable and all the software works (darktable) from windows 10 Pro.
    Just hope all the software that works on ubuntu workes here too

    1. All of the software that works on other versions of Ubuntu should work with UbuntuDDE, as well. That’s the whole point. It’s the more supported and flexible Ubuntu-based Linux OS with the pretty Deepin wrapper.

  12. Hi. I was very happy finding about Ubuntu DDE. I hope it will be with the latest version of the Deeepin graphical interface, as it is in Deepin 20 Beta. With the new Control Center and with the deepin terminal ,deepin music , deepin movie , deepin image viewer , deepin deb installer, deepin screenshot apps, as Jorge also asked. On the other hand, I think it’s a good idea for Calamares installer to replace the Deepin installer.

  13. Hello again,

    I see the problem as one of me (users) possibly adding instability to the system evrytime I attempt to install an app and it fails – make me worry if I’m polluting my own install.

    If you can help me understand how of even if that’s possible – it would be appreciated.

    When you make changes to the iso image, please issue an email update and a dated set of “release notes” – it would be a kindness for bleeding edge followers – not just your DDE but the underlying Ubuntu 20.04 is just getitng it’s legs, so lots of (stability) changes being added to the iso.

    Thanks for what you’re doing, it really matters to a bunch of us,

  14. Please if you can make the file browser work really good. Like Arrange by type should be perfectly arrange. Example: writer, calc, impress, pdf and media files should be arrange by type together like windows. And if you could add “group by” This Distro gonna be perfect. Thnks…

  15. I use the “normal” deepin and woud switch to UbuntuDDE when the release is Stable and not buggy to use. Can yo add the deepin apps like Crossover and deepin deb installer!

  16. No Bluetooth Settings? I tried to connect my bluetooth headphone. But cant find the Bluetooth Setup/Settings..

  17. Emmanuel Miquet

    Thank you for your hard work, UbuntuDDE is the best linux distro i’ve ever tried.
    I have two questions :
    1_ Is a final release of UbuntuDDE ready soon ?
    2_Why not only a Ubuntu Focal Fossa compatible Deepin Desktop Environment ?
    Thank’s again and excuse my english, I’m french… 😉

  18. Harald Großmann

    Hi guys,

    I’ve read good things, but I would like to try only when there is a stable release. However, I cannot seem to find an expected release date. Am I too stupid to google that or has it nit been announced yet?

    Anyway, please make it soon 😉



  19. Hi, tried the live version and all seems to be working ok, but when I did the install I got the following error and the installation failed at about 84% mark:
    External command failed to finish.
    Command apt install -y –no-upgrade -o Acquire::gpgv::Options::=–ignore-time-conflict shim-signed failed to finish in 300 seconds. There was no output from the command.

    Please comment if you have any fix for this error, thanks
    ( Great distro !!! )

  20. Amazing! Do not wait to launch the official version, Ubuntu with Deepin interface, this is wonderful.

  21. jayatharan indran

    Please add option to change the notification sound.
    And add search bar in settings.
    If the wifi password is wrong its continuously try connect that network and make annoying sound.
    Lock screen doesn’t look nice.
    Power on off screen shows little glitch effect.

  22. I did install UbuntuDDE via command line and PPA, liked it but had to uninstall it due to some error. Likely the “Desktopwall” theme does not get downloaded and
    If I select “deepin desktop base” from “Synaptic” it shows
    ” deepin-desktop-base:

    Package deepin-desktop-base has no available version, but exists in the database.
    This typically means that the package was mentioned in a dependency and never uploaded, has been obsoleted or is not available with the contents of sources.list
    …. ”
    and does not get selected. So one cannot install it from Synaptic
    Any thoughts on this?

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