UbuntuDDE Beta 200410 Release Note


Hello folks, Greetings !

First of all, I would like to thank you each and everyone who helped and supported UbuntuDDE Project. It was an outstanding week with our fellow users, developers and well-wishers who are with us in #BetaTestingWeek and reported bugs through different available platforms and means of communication. So far, it was an awesome roller coaster ride with everyone out there in the community checking new bugs, suggestions, complaints and tons of love for the project.

Today, 2020/04/10, I would like to announce our new Beta release i.e. version 200410 which consists of major bug fixes. It includes but not limited to “EFI installation cdrom error”, terminal, screenshot, calendar, system monitor and few minor fixes with the latest updates of packages from the upstream.

You can download the iso (image file) of the distribution in the Download Page.

Major BugFixes

  • EFI installation cdrom error fixed
  • Terminal added
  • ubuntudde-dde-extras metapackage added
  • Deepin Screenshot added
  • Deepin Calendar added
  • Deepin System Monitor added

Minor BugFixes

  • LibreOffice icon fixed
  • Wallpaper tweaked

Arun Kumar Pariyar,
Lead Developer,
UbuntuDDE Team