UbuntuDDE Patreon has been launched !


Hello UbuntuDDE users,

Its been exactly a month UbuntuDDE got its first Beta release as 20.04. We, the UbuntuDDE Team and the community are very excited to launch our first 20.04 LTS final release which will be released soon !

Our Suggestion

Our Suggestion

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Official Ubuntu Book

The free Ubuntu operating system has won the hearts and minds of millions of users worldwide. It combines a strong technical platform, impressive quality, and an enthusiastic global community of users who relentlessly support, document, and test it.

No project can sustain without the proper financial support that’s why we have chosen patreon.com so that you can easily donate and support the project. The patrons will be added to the Donate Page and will be provided with the Benefits as enlisted in the Patreon page.

We’re happy to announce that within 24 hours, we got our first patron “Christopher Seesser”. Thank you for your support and love for the project.

Help us grow and show your love !

2 thoughts on “UbuntuDDE Patreon has been launched !”

    1. Arun Kumar Pariyar

      Hi M safeer,
      Yes, we are working on packaging DDE from Deepin v20 for UbuntuDDE Remix 20.10 Groovy Gorilla.
      Thanks !

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