UbuntuDDE Remix 20.04.1 Release Note

UbuntuDDE Remix 20.04.1 Released

Hi folks !

We, the UbuntuDDE Remix Team is back with another release 20.04.1 (aka. point release). UbuntuDDE Remix 20.04 will have support with known bugfixes from Ubuntu upstream and UbuntuDDE Team until April 2023. UbuntuDDE Remix tends to follow the Ubuntu release cycle and schedule and this release is the outcome of it. The team have been working hard to resolve known issues and have been providing regular updates through our PPA and will do in future too.

Current release ie 20.04.1 is an ISO build of the latest updates and bug-fixes from Ubuntu upstream and UbuntuDDE Remix. If you are running UbuntuDDE Remix 20.04 and have upgraded your system recently, then you should be already at 20.04.1. But if you haven’t installed it, then you can get the latest build from the following download link.

After the release of 20.04, the following changes have been made through the updates over the air :

New packages in the repository:

  • Deepin Screen Recorder (deepin-screen-recorder)
  • Deepin Top Bar (deepin-topbar)

Bug fixes and Patches :

  • Time Format issue (24 hour – 12 hour).
  • Installation of the distribution when UEFI Secure Boot is enabled.
  • Wifi disabled when the machine wakes up from sleep.
  • DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment) specific updates and patches.

Addition to the latest updates on bug-fixes and new packages that we have already shipped through over the air (PPA), this build contains the fix for the UEFI Secure Boot issue, which means, it should be able to install without disabling Secure Boot in most of the machines. Also, you can find the changes in 20.04 and 20.04.1 in the Ubuntu upstream from the Release Note here.

System Requirements
RAM: At least 2 GB (Recommended 4GB+)
Drive Space: At least 30 GB
CPU: 2 GHz Processor or better

We need your support so that we can maintain the project, you can head to our Donate page to help us financially. To know more about UbuntuDDE Focal Fossa, please visit the Features page.

Arun Kumar Pariyar,
Lead Developer, UbuntuDDE

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10 thoughts on “UbuntuDDE Remix 20.04.1 Release Note”

  1. Sorry, but I worry that my personal information will be shared with the Chinese Communist Party. How can I be sure this doesn’t happen?

    1. Hey Steve, Ubuntu DDE doesn’t contain any Application that trace your information. Even it uses Snap store as default not the one comes in Deepin. UbuntuDDE is fully open source and you can always check the code if you are not sure about Privacy.

    2. That is why this project is here, it is only the deepin desktop but it is ubuntu. It has nothing to do with China or with the company that runs deepin.

    3. Your info isn’t shared yo commies because they only port the Desktop and some app, but not the Deepin tracker. Don’t worry 😉

  2. This beautiful distro is VERY promising. Having researched extensively, exhaustively but not entirely, im happy to invest confidence in the DDE Desktop. i read in one of these blogs, not necessarily here, that this DDE interface is just what it is…..an interface. I personally have no fear about my personal data, though…i do feel my friend Steves concern about personal data security. Im sure our esteemed distro leader can reassure all of us about our personal data security. be that as it may, UbuntuDDE is the next BIG distro coming up. It will be my daily driver and thank you UbuntuDDE team for your hard work on this exceptional distro. Thumbs up! Worth donating for.

  3. Will there be a fix for steam running on this distro in the near future? I really like it so far but would like to be able to run my games correctly if its possible 🙁

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