UbuntuDDE Remix 20.10 Groovy Beta Release Note

UbuntuDDE Remix Groovy Beta

Hi folks, It was an outstanding 6 month for us, the UbuntuDDE Team, as we had so much love and support from people all over the world. After the 20.04 release, we are amazed by the love and support of hundreds of people across the world. We received a huge download of around 250K+ so far. All thanks to the huge and strong community of Ubuntu, Debian, Deepin, and the entire Linux ecosystem as this wouldn’t be possible without you.

I would like to thank everyone in the UbuntuDDE Remix team, the community, bug hunters, patrons, donors, and everyone who directly and indirectly supported us and the project.

Today, I’d like to announce our next milestone ie. UbuntuDDE Remix 20.10 Beta (Groovy Gorilla). Its hard to explain all the goodies brought to 20.10 right now for the beta release. But as most of you know, 20.10 will be having the latest and most beautiful desktop experience with the new v20 DDE (Deepin Desktop Environment).

You can grab the image from our Download page (Only for Testing and Development Purpose) and if you like the project and want to support financially, you can head to our Donate page.

Arun Kumar Pariyar,
Project Lead, UbuntuDDE Remix